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SafariCacheExplorer is the only tool for explore the Safari's cache (and any other native Mac OS X cache). SafariCacheExplorer can recover images, videos, sounds, style sheets… from Safari's cache in an easy way, thanks to its simple user interface inspired by Finder.

Why is needed a tool as SafariCacheExplorer? The main problem trying to retrieve the files stored in the Safari's cache, is the method which Safari (and Mac OS X) uses to store its cache in a single file.

SafariCacheExplorer is also a fantastic tool for web developers, because it lets you delete individual cache files, helping develop and test websites faster using Safari.

Screenshots Using a custom filter Using the QuickLook technology Configurating duplicated names Exporting cache items
Feature filters
Intuitive filters and search
Use the filters (and custom filters) or the search box to locate your cached resources
Feature export
Easy file extracting
Extract one or more files easily, with few mouse clicks
Feature delete
Delete cache files
Delete any file from Safari's cache
Feature smart filters
Smart filters
Select some files and SafariCacheExplorer will try to create a filter for those files
Feature Drop
Drag & Drop
Drop your cached items directly to the Desktop, Finder…
Feature Growl
Growl notifications
Stay visually informed about the processes status
Feature QuickLook
QuickLook integration
Preview cache files without exporting
Feature previewer
Custom previews
When QuickLook do not know how to render the file use the "Preview as" function...
Export results
Export results
Generate reports of your cached files. Supported formats: TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF, CSV, JSON or XML
Use it in your language (English, Spanish, German, Italian or Catalan)
Feature Open URL
Open original URLs
Open any cached resource in your web-browser
Feature updates
Automatic updates
Keep updated to lastest version automatically
Feature others
Compatible with other caches
SafariCacheExplorer is also compatible with other native cocoa caches
Feature universal
Supported binaries
Compatible with all avaiable architectures: 64 bits
Feature Mac
Native Mac OS X application
Runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x), Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x), Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.x), Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.x), Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.x), Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.x) i Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.x)
Feature Sierra
Optimized for Sierra (10.12.x)
SafariCacheExplorer is optimized to run perfectly with Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.x)
Special thanks to:   ngin website   VinBoiSoft website